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The task of the Jury is to review the results provided by the contenders by June 2nd, 2017, verify the accuracy of their findings, and announce the name of the winner, if any. The Jury is therefore independent in its work from the organization committee of the Blurry Box hacking contest and solely responsible for the vetting of the partial or complete solutions that are submitted.


The Jury for the Blurry Box global hacking contest consists of leading academics in the IT security field:


HGI, the Horst Goertz Institute for IT Security

The Horst Goertz Institute for IT-Security (HGI) was founded in 2002 at the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, to address the Europe-wide deficits in the field of public research in IT Security. HGI is among the most respected facilities for IT security in Europe thanks to its extraordinary interdisciplinary range. It puts special emphasis on immediate technology transfer between scholarship and indus-try, which shows in the reach of its international network.


The current structure of HGI consists of twenty-one professors from the fields of information techno-logy and electrical engineering, mathematics, economic sciences, and law, and altogether around 100 scholars. With this configuration, the HGI represents one of the largest and most renowned research facilities in Europe. Among HGI’ scholars are experts from almost every field related to modern cryptography and IT security, including embedded security, cryptography methods and protocols, net and data security, system security, mobile security, and malware.


For more information, please visit the Horst Goertz Institute official website.


If(is), the Institute for Internet Security

The Institute for Internet Security, if(is), is an innovative, independent, scientific facility of the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Germany. Besides research and development, it is a creative service provider with a focus on Internet security. One of their main tasks is to cultivate a more mature Internet security culture by pushing research and development activities and improving the statutory framework for Internet security. Since its official launch in May 2005, the young and creative research team has turned the institute into one of the most considerable competency centers for Internet security. Its ultimate goal is to make the Internet a more trustworthy and secure place.


For more information, please visit the if(is) official website.


In particular, the following eminent computer scientists and academic professors will be personally involved in the analysis of the Blurry Box hacking contest:

Collectively, they stated “We support the Blurry Box hacking contest because we want to find and support young IT security talents.”



Prof. Dr. Thorsten Holz

Prof. Dr. Christof Paar

Prof. Dr. Norbert Pohlmann

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